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>> we begin with word of a fire and evacuations at a popular amusement park in florida with crews spotting the fire at the universal studios resort in orlando. we are told the police saw smoke on the deadly falls water ride. officials got everyone off the ride and started evacuating the park. we are keeping a close eye on this. we will bring you the latest as soon as we get it. also ahead, how does someone murder a man in a crowded
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hospital? and get away without anyone noticing? if police know something they are not saying. we are live at fox report tonight. they start today. adjustments to the way we receive and pay for our health care. tonight, cutting through the partisan claims to find out what really changes with the new year. the storm came suddenly. and brought killer twisters. in seconds, entire lifetimes disappear. >> everything we had and everything i owned is gone. >> the rebuilding begins as dangerous weather still threatens millions of people. plus, think you have seen wild
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new year's parties? it is nothing to how angry prisoners started 2011. inmates ringing in the new year with a riot. the new year means new health care. changes made to the nation's health care system signed into law last march are starting to take effect. people can no longer use their flexible spending accounts to buy most over-the-counter drugs. and adult children up to 26 years old can be included in their parents' health care plan. one group that will changes are the senior citizen, especially the medicare coverage gap, the doughnut hole. and now live from washington, dc, with more. >> good to see you. this is where the rubber hits the roads in the coming days and weeks and months we will see how the promises of health care made in the last congress will actually hold up. pharmaceutical companies got the
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first taste today with taxes up. the industry will share $2.5 billion tax that is distributed throughout the industry depending on individual profits. drug companies say it will cut into the money they devote to research and develop president. also today, many seniors will see prescription benefits cost a little bit more. >> for those on medicare, the overall prescription benefit will be more expensive to help fill in the hole in the doughnut, and if you are in medicare advantage account there are fewer benefits such as eyeglasses or gyms because of less of a subsidy from the federal government. >> people were toll the health care overhaul would bring costs down but today we hear from those directly involved they may go up. >> insurers are upset about a specific part of the regulations. >> indeed. this hits them where it most hurts: in the profits. these are the companies that
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operate on low profit margins but under the law taking effect today insurance companies must spend 80 percent of the money they earn from premiums on customers. some companies claim it will force them to cut back on services or stop doing business in some states. also taking effect drug discounts to seniors in the "doughnut hole," which is three million people. they will get 50 percent discounts on brand name prescriptions today. also today, the beginning of free disease screenings for seniors. and there will now be a center for medicare and medicaid innovation designed to slow the soaring costs of health care. it just adds another layer of bureau bureaucracy some say. >> bureaucracy in washington, how rare. thank you very much, doug. a string of deadly tornadoes claiming the life of another victim today. a missouri woman died from
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injuries sustained when the trailer took a direct hit. she is the 7th to die in the twisters that struck several states as residented started to clean up, more tornado watches were declared. and now we will check in with our meteorologist. joe, is there a chance for more tornadoes? >> there could be severe weather in the southeast tonight the good news is that the worst of this is over. but the bad news this is what we could see in the spring, a classic pattern that we are seeing in the middle of the winter, el anyone -- el nino with the severe weather in the florida panhandle with the boxes and warnings now, the area in southern georgia and south carolina and florida could have problems tonight. how weird is this? last week it is snowing in atlanta and this week thunderstorms and next week at this time, cold arctic air.
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if we look at california, and we have had a lot of problems there, this is a light system compared to last week. but there will be parts of this coming out during the week, weaker than in the southeast now but one of the systems coming down from the northwest could really pack a punch this weekend there is a possibility of more snow, i understand, for the east coast? is it anything like the past week? >> not like the blizzard on sunday but we will see it and one of the storms coming through the great lakes toward the northeast, and part of the united states, do not be surprised if next week at this time we are talking because it is snowing and windy and cold in the northeast, not as bad as what we saw, and probably the area to worry about more is new england rather than new york state and new jersey and the mid-atlantic states. >> thank you, joe. see you soon. developing now on the fox report, a political battle is
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brewing over immigration. some states are reportedly taking a page from arizona getting ready to pass their own immigration law using arizona as a model. the measure has sparked lawsuits winding their way through courts but court has famed to pass any law, the states could be ready to step into the vacuum and pass their own legislation. and now we welcome you, casey, great to have you. we warmed it up for you. >>guest: i spent a lot of time in airs covering the controversial immigration law and half a dozen states now talking about similar legislation and all share the same sentiment as arizona saying the federal government is not doing enough to secure our borders and fight the illegal immigration problem in america. look at the map of the states talking about this: georgia,
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mississippi, member, oklahoma, pennsylvania and south carolina all looking at the new laws in the new year. similar to arizona senate bill 1070 allowing members of law enforcement to inquire about a person's immigration status if there is suspicion they are here illegally. the law is so controversial, remember, the obama administration filed a lawsuit against the state of arizona this summer and a federal judge blocked key parts of the law from going into effect. this was seen as a victory for immigration rights groups who said all along that the new law would amount to nothing more than racial profiling. arizona is currently in the appeals process with the 9th circuit court in california. but analysts say the legal battle is not enough to stop these other states from moving ahead with similar laws in 2011. in fact, a handful are going to push the boundaries further if
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you can believe that, announcing measures to limit public access to colleges for illegal immigrant and five states are planning an effort to cancel automatic u.s. citizenship for children born in this country to illegal immigrant parents. it is estimated that there are more than 11 million illegal immigrant calling america home and many are calling for wide-spread reform. >> i guess critics of the laws are speaking out. >>guest: just like we said, the critics are saying this is nothing more than racial profiling and they are saying it is the job of the federal government to enforce immigration laws and it should not be left to the states. but the states are saying that they do not believe the obama administration has done enough to curtail this illegal immigrant problem so they say they are taking matters into their own hands and they could be willing to wage the legal
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battles. >> thank you, casey. happy new year to you, by the way. great to have you in the studio. >> president obama today condemning separate attacks in egypt and nigeria and 21 were killed in a blast in front of the egyptian city of alexandria. at a christian church. as people were leaving new year's mass. the government accused al qaeda in iraq, and the group made repeated attempts to attack egypt's christians sparking protests by christians who say that the authorities are not protecting them. this increases tensions between the christians and muslims who are in a majority. in nigeria four were killed near an army barracks. president obama says the u.s. will offer any nets assistance to both countries. >> and the president's homeland security chief pledging more aid to afghanistan. the secretary napolitano meeting with afghanistan president karzai saying that the u.s. will
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send more experts to beef up security along afghanistan's border crossing and help with the training of border police. for his part, karzai says afghanistan security forces would be self sufficient in four years. next stop for napolitano is the persian gulf country of qatar. a hospital in lockdown outside the nation's capitol and we are learning more about the suspicious death that prompted it. we have the latest development next. and even presidents have new year's resolutions. president obama is no exception. we will tell you what he hopes to accomplish in 2011. stay tuned. [ slap! ]
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>> a maryland hospital is open after a murder forced a lockdown. police were called to suburban hospital in bethesda this morning. that is where they found a
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40-year-old hospital employee. he was attacked in part of the hospital where patients do not receive care. they are saying only that he suffered trauma to his upper body and died on the scene. a search of the hospital turned up no suspects. officers conducted a thorough search of every level, room, in the hospital. we were able to determine that staff and patients, visitors who were in the hospital, were not in danger. that search was completed and the hospital was opened up again for service to the community at approximately 2:24 this afternoon. >> victim's body was taken to the medical examiner's office for autopsy. his name is not released. >> a new year's resolution from president obama. he used the weekly address to discuss his plans for the economy discovering from once in
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a lifetime recession. >> we are riding a few months of news that suggests our recovery is gaining traction. our most important task now is to keep that recovery going. as president that's my commitment to you, to do everything i can to make sure our president is growing, creating jobs and strengthening our middle-class. >> he says both republicans and democrats will have to share responsibility to move the country forward. senator elect from new hampshire delivered the republican address. listen. >> the american people sent us to congress with clear instructions: make government smaller. not bigger. and stop spending money we don't have on programs that aren't working. it's now our responsibility to carry out the will of the people >> the next congress mark as new chapter for the country and the g.o.p. >> it could be a working vacation for president obama but while in hawaii he is finding some time to work on his golf
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game and hit the beach. so what else is the president up to away from the white house? mike is live from hawaii with more. >>reporter: presidents, including the 44th, president obama, are very active bunch and obviously highly motivated but with such a critical job, some outdoor activities are more desirable than others. president obama is taking it easy on his vacation playing golf with old friends and enjoying time with his family. but this is one activity we will not see this vacation: the president body surfing on sandy beach. in 2008 before taking office he hit the waves at sandy beach but locals know the waters can be dangerous and having the president in any treacherous situation is unsettling. >> that is not a swimming beach. there are rip currents. >> this is a pretty dangerous
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with good shore break. so i can see why it could be dangerous. >> presidents usually enjoy outdoor activities during downtime. president reagan and his wife nancy spent time on the ranch horseback riding and president george h.w. bush was a sailor giving chase do reporters covering him in maine and cameras captured president clinton and his wife whitewater rafting. and president george w. bush was known for clearing brush and going for intense bicycle rides in the high heat of summer in texas. >> but you have to draw the line somewhere and the waves at the beach are pretty intense. even if locals think the beach is "awesome," they admit keeping the president safe should be the number one priority. >> secret service could move people down and give him a separate spot to body surf on his own. going to the beach, perhaps, around a golf or spending time snorkeling with the first lawsuits could be the right activity to allow president
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obama to clear his head before what promises to be a busy 2011. >> thank you, mike. supreme court chief roberts speak out on the shortage of federal judges in a report, raps both democrats and republicans saying that lawmakers are playing politics with judicial nominations. he calls on members of both parties to put aside partisan differences and move to nominate federal judges, and roberts says the logjam in filling the vacancies is a burden in some districts, creating a massive workload of cases. there are more than 90 vacancies in the federal courts but the senate has confirmed only 60 nominees. a mixed new year's message from north korea. leaders say they want better relations with the south in 2011. but the rest of the message suggests this is a resolution kim chong-il may not be planning to stick to.
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stay tuned. ♪
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>> a call for peace from north korea on this new year's day. the regime calling for better ties with south korea while at the same time warning that war "will bring nothing but a nuclear holocaust." but pyongyang is not extending a total olive branch saying the
7:23 pm
military was ready to strike back at enemies in an editorial in a government-run news agency. officials in neighboring countries paying close attention to the new year's day message for clues on what north korea could be planning next. >> while you were ringing in the new year 40,000 new laws went into effect across the country which could mean big changes for everything from what you order at restaurants to texting. it depends on where you live. what are the new do's and don'ts we have a run down. >> a new year and new laws all across the country. in california, lawmakers wage a war on cyberbullying using a fake online profile or e-mail address to get others could lead to a fine of $1,000 and a year if jail after several high profile suicides across the nation.
7:24 pm
california restaurants continue to cut the fat. the state outlawing artery clogging transfat in locally baked goods. in illinois, laws are changing from monkeys to mary jane, with monkeys banned as pets and pot stores have to give a health history of all dogs they say. and fake marijuana is banned completely in 2011. a new law in hawaii aimed at large scale animal breeders, kennels and other pet areas must have an area of solid flooring large enough for an animal to lie down. and animal advocates say wire floors cause damage to paws. and in iowa, people who have a concealed weapons permit do not have to keep the weapons concealed anymore. a new law says owners can showoff the guns in public even in bars. they can have drinks while they do it but only until they reach the limit of .08.
7:25 pm
kentucky will start enforcing laws banning drivers from texting. people under 18 are not allowed to use cell phones at all behind the wheel. the new law is designed to keep people and animals safer in 2011. in times square, new york, for fox news. >> 40 inmates revolted against the guards and causing a problem which did not end well. what ignited this catastrophe is ahead. and take a look at this stampede: thousands in the netherlands going for a quick run and they do not mind the frigid weather. how's it going ithere, hon? um, almost ready. [ car alarm blaring ] [ blaring echoes, fades ]
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>> a blast on a russian plane and 100 people were on and most survived. an engine of the plane caught
7:28 pm
fire wheel taxiing on the snowy runway. most of the people on board got out before it blew up. three people were killed and dozens suffered injuries. after the blast, all that was left of the plane was the tail section and part of a wing. last month, two people were killed in an accident involving engine failure on the very same model aircraft. >> prisoners ring in the new year with a riot and thousands of people prove it's never too cold to hit the beach as we go around the world in 80 seconds. the u.k., a prison engulfed in flames after inmates start add riot inside. we are told it began after officials found large amounts of alcohol and prisoners refused to take breath tests. at least 40 inmates were involved at the low security prison south of london and the blaze spreading across several buildings and no reports of injury.
7:29 pm
brazil, ceremonies for dilma rousseff, the first female president. voters elected her during a time of prosperity and they will host the summer olympics in 2016. vatican city, pope benedict speaking out against a wave of attacks on christians after an explosion outside a church in egypt killed 21 people. in the new year's address he asked the world leaders to work together in curbing religious violence. the netherlands. thousands of brave men and women taking a new year's day plunge into the north sea. an annual tradition dating back to 1965. that first year, only seven swimmers had the neive to jump in but it has grown in popularity and this year, around 10,000 people dove into 2011 in style. and that is a wrap on the trip
7:30 pm
around the world. >> this is the fox report the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. a story we brought you at the top of the hour, we have new amateur video playing behind me here of a theme park fire in florida. this is amateur video and happened at universal orlando amusement park. an employee noticed smoke at the float ride at island of adventure and the ride was shut down and visitors were evacuated and no major injuries. clean up is underway after deadly tornadoes. the governor of missouri taking a hard look at the damage today. the twisters that ripped through the south and midwest killed four people in his state and three in arkansas. dozens more were hurt and thousands are with owe power. and a maryland hospital open after a homicide investigation forced it to lockdown at
7:31 pm
suburban hospital while police investigated the death of an employee. all they will say he was assaulted and died from trauma to the upper body. they searched the building for several hours and no arrests have been made so far. no doubt, not everything, the 111th congress did was popular but one fact is not in dispute: this session of congress passed a whole lot of legislation. the new health care law. the bailouts of wall street banks standout. and those are just the big bills. there were plenty more that congress accomplished. and now, we look back with the fox report from washington, dc. the 111th congress has concluded with an 83 percent disapproval rating. that's according to a poll, a 30-year record. they got a thumb's down from a vast majority of the american public, democrats are pleased with the way things went down while they controlled both houses. >> it was a congress that was tough.
7:32 pm
the american people were not happy with the way a lot it happened. but it acted and changed a lot of things in america. >> democrats pat themselves on the back forgetting several pieces of major legislation through during the congress including the massive health care overhaul, the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" and the first responders bill for 9/11, the new start treaty, confirmation of two supreme court justices and the tax rate compromise they came to with republicans. but, during the congress the total u.s. debt increased by $3.2 trillion and republicans say there is a reason democrats lost 63 house and six senate seats in november elections. >> you give democrat as big majority or any party a big majority in the house and filibuster proof majority in the senate and a liberal president who agrees with both wings of the house and senate you can get a lot of things done and this president got a lot of things done. a lot of damage was done to this
7:33 pm
country. >> with their massive majority, democrats were not able to pass cap and trade or a budget for the 2011 fiscal year and they failed to reform the immigration system and pass the dream act. the new congress gets sworn in on wednesday. back to you. >> thank you. peedmont airlines pilot is aimed for the evacuation of a capitol building triggering the scare with a control tower that could not contact him approaching reagan national airport. he accidentally turned the radio to the wrong frequency. the military scrambleed fighter jets as a precaution and peedmont airlines is part of us airways. and new york's new governor wasting little time getting down to business. andrew cuomo taking the oath of office yesterday. it went into effect at stroke of midnight before holding a public ceremony today, he met with his cabinet early this morning. and they have a few months to balance the state budget which is running a projected $10
7:34 pm
billion deficit. the father mario cuomo was the governor for three terms in the 1990's. a political first timer moving into the michigan governor's mansion taking the oath of office today, in the inaugural address he says he will work to "reinvent the state," and few knew the executive when he entered the race but he beat out lansing mayor bernero to be michigan's 48th governor. the new year brings a new deadly for hurricane katrina victims. new orleans officials have told people who do away with their fema trailers by the start of the year or face heavy fines. the city had more than 23,000 of them. that number now is down to 200 but many who call the trailers "home" have nowhere to go. and now rob has more. >>reporter: how are you? >> she lives in a cube kill in
7:35 pm
mid-city. >> i will not get out of my trailer. i am not giving up my trailer until i can move back in my house. >> the city is threatening elizabeth with fines up to $500 a day to get rid of the scores of fema trailers. >> as of january 1st all of the fema trailers in the city of new orleans will be gone. >> at one time there were 23,000 fema trailers in new orleans and now there are just 221. >> the money is not adequate for my home and i needed more money and that is why i am living here. i need help. >> neighbors say the trailers are just a small part of the problem. >> it doesn't bother me that the trailer is there. it bothers me that her house is still in the state it's in. >> many worry those who lack financial or mental capacity to get out of a trailer are not getting the help they need. >> if people do not have the resources to do it, maybe someone needs to help them out. >> the residents say it is a
7:36 pm
double standard, people like elizabeth are forced from a trailer and into homes they cannot get together when the city itself still has a lot of properties still lying in limbo. it is hard for them to tell everything what to do when they have not met their own requirements. >> the old city hall and the old library are two of several city buildings that are tributes to squalor. the water remains remain broken all over town. >> one, two, five or six just on this street that i can thing of where the water meters are leaking out and more around the corner. >> the city is putting together a new water improvement program as residents watch. >> i hope they clean up that house. >> five years post katrina some trailer relocations will be easier than others. >> i am staying in my fema trailer. the city did not give me my fema trailer, fema gave it to me, as
7:37 pm
far as fema is concerned i can stay in the trailer until my house has been repaired. >> but city hall says that better be done or stiff fines will follow. >> thanks to rob for that report. >> most expensive show in broadway history has been hit by another set back. the latest when an actor is injured during a performance. stay tuned.
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7:39 pm
>> a documentary claiming it would show what killed the king of pop is now canceled.
7:40 pm
the discovery channel will not air a reenactment of michael jaig son's autopsy. the network receives come plaipts from the executors of the late star's estate feeling the show called "michael jackson's autopsy," was in bad taste. a spokesman for the network says that upcoming legal proceeding led to the decision. a hearing begins next week to decide whether to press charges against the singer's physician. jackson died in june of 2009 from a prescription drug overdose at 50. broadway show plagued with problems finally getting good news. "spiderman," is leaving a medical facility. the super hero fell 30' off the stage while performing a stunt last month and sustained a fracture and you can see it happen right there. he cracked vertebrae and despite wearing the safety harness he
7:41 pm
will leave the rehabilitation facility on wednesday and continue the treatment if new york. this accident forced the producers to cancel two shows. it is set to be the most expensive product way show ever. >> and now it is getting easier to make the holiday gift returns because major retailers are loosening the return policies hoping to bring more buyers in. research shows people perceive less risk in buying from stores that make it easier to bring items back. new technology is also making it possible. we explain. i love a good return policy. >>guest: yes. do you have anything you want to return this year? >> yes but i will regift it because i am too lazy to return it. someone else out there is getting paw print pajamas. >>guest: after years and years of not being able to return with tight return policy if you want to return it will hopefully be
7:42 pm
easier. macy's and toys 'r us say they have relaxed return policies this year. but it could end up being costly because it is estimated that retailers will lose up to $17.7 billion to questionable returns, up from $14.8 billion last year. so, while the runs may seem easier, retailers will still be watching. there are a series of new companies that are using credit card numbers, personal information, trying to track fraudulent returns across different stores. now, consumer advocates say that this could be a problem because companies could go from trying to catch just fraudulent runs to catching people who return products more than they would like them to. >> and best buy is the latest to loosen the return policy by eliminating a 15 percent restocking fee on all
7:43 pm
electronics which stirred up a storm of opposition from consumes on twitter and facebook. the restocking could have held a customer on the fence about returning items, but, now, going forward, it is, i think, good, as far as helping to create the reten that is going to help our business grow. >> but not all retailers are loosening up. a survey by the national retail federation found 84 percent are leaving possibles unchanged and some are getting tougher like wal-mart which reduced the return period for some products that are purchased online. >> thank you very much. well, it is no secret that in many families mothers do much of the buying household goods and now two moms in denver are using technology to help mothers stretch the family budget. they started a website that brings mothers and local businesses together by targeting those who do the family spending, the website helps everyone beef up the bottom
7:44 pm
line. and now more on this story. despite celebrity clients at a boutique in denver's fancy districts elizabeth says times are tough. >> this is the hardest year we have lad to be in business. for the jewelry artist who makes token tags, the timing was perfect when approached by two moms to help increase her bottom line with online exposure. >> we wanted our communities to thrive. >> and ashley and whitney run a website www.dailydealsformoms using a target office. >> we cornered the market being moms and knowing the power behind our spending. >> 10,000 parents use it and the narrowed focus is paying off. >> i had room to grow and it filled a space for me. >> a stylest and mother says she was close to not making rent and now the book is full.
7:45 pm
>> it did not pull in just anyone but local moms. >> mothers spend more than $2 trillion each year. >> i want a manicure and pedicure and i need my car washed and house cleaned. >> they have turned down offers that do not fit. >> we are in the business of offering things for family and parents. >> they send sales caps and practical expiration dates. >> local small businesses will not be overwhelmed by the sales that come through. >> cuss customer service and new loyalty made. >> the more they spend locally the better our economy will do. period. although it could seem counter intooive the moms are taking their legal angle national but instead of running it from her dining room, they have enlisted moms from places like chicago and boston who know their own
7:46 pm
marks. >> a new year and a brand new tv network for oprah making the big debut this afternoon. this as you can imagine is a very exciting day for me, kicking off the next chapter of my life with all of you. yes, the network is finally on the air. >> what does this woman not do? it features if you shows with celebrities like dr. phil and rosie and the duchess of york. she partnered with the "discovery" channel and replaces "health," in the lineup as she brings an end to her popular syndicated talk show after 25 years. >> massive floods already affecting hundreds of thousands of people in the situation could be worse. stay tuned. ♪
7:47 pm
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>> and being called a flood of bible proportions in australia with helicopters called in to deliver food and supplies to towns completely isolated by the water. more than 1,000 homes are now flooded. some of australia's busiest mines are closed because of the rising water with 200,000 affected. there was no shortage of lines in 2010 from politics to a secret recording in a california
7:51 pm
airport they will never be forgotten. and now, some of the most comical and controversial quotes of 2010. they are, perhaps, the words we will remember. the vice president bideen in a very good microphone. >> ladies and gentleman, the president of the united states of america, president obama. this is a big [blank] deal. >> nancy pelosi coughs this up. >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> and what not to say when the company is creating a disaster. >> no one wants this over more than i do. i want my life back. >> was this lost in translation? a big panic executive angering the residents. >> we care about the small
7:52 pm
people. >> plenty of comedy at the governor's debate. >> it boils down to one thing: rent. it's too damn high. >> career politicians in albany are the biggest whores in this state. i could be the only person sitting on this stage with the right experience to deal with them. >> thank you very much. >> tack about handling a crowd, sarah palin has notes written on her bomb during a speech to supporters and the press secretary gibbs lends a hand. >> i would a few things down. i wrote eggs, milk and bread but i crossed out bread so i can make pancakes if it snows. and i wrote down low pressure and change in case i forgot. >> and christine o'donnell during her campaign after being accused of some black magic. >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you have heard.
7:53 pm
i'm you. >> and boy, a fiery tirade on the house of representatives floor. >> i will not yield. and the gentleman will observe regular order. the gentleman will observe regular order. he is wrong. the gentleman is wrong. wrong. it is a shame. a shame. and a message for an airport screener that becomes an instant catch phrase. i will put my hand on your thigh and slowly go up. two times in the front and two times in the back. >> all right. if you touch my junk i will have you arrested. >> t-shirt sales followed. and yale university released the quotes 2011 will not disappoint with the cameras anywhere. from new york, for fox news. still looking for a new year's resolution?
7:54 pm
you better want to consider giving up some of 2010's most overused buzzwords and phrases. miles per hour's -- michigan's list of vanished terms, including starting on the top is the word "viral," and "epic," which is used together and "google" and "face book," used as veteran -- verbs. a fire at a popular florida amusement park that caught fire and what happened to the visitors. and, flower covered floats and marching bands. if you missed the new year's day tradition now is the chance to see it upclose we go do the rose see it upclose we go do the rose parade in california next.
7:55 pm
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>> and finals square had the ball drop and pasadena has the rose parade to ring in the new year. huge crowds to see the floats and bands and millions of followers. and flowers. this has been going on for 122 years. the rose parade is the opening act for another tradition, the rose bowl. wisconsin is playing texas christian university. here are the top stories for you, a theme park fire in florida happening at universal orlando amusement park. this is amateur video. an employee noticed smoke at the log float ride at island of adventure and the ride was shut down and visitors were evacuated with no major injuries reported. people are trying to clean up after a string of twisters ripped through the central and southern part of the country yesterday. seven were killed in two states including a woman who died of injuries today in missouri.
7:58 pm
dozens of others were hurt. and in texas two masked gunmen accused of trying to rob a bank while holding hostages are held on $13 million and authorities are trying to identify two additional suspects involved. the stand off was yesterday that ended peacefully after four hours of negotiation. and we welcome the newest member of the fox family: court any gave birth, healthy nine pounds, congratulations. all are doing well. and on this day in 1863, abraham lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation granting freedom to millions of slaves. this was announced in september of 1862 after a union victory at a battle with the goal to preserve the union and freeing slaves did that many began do
7:59 pm
support the north by joining the military and adding to the labor force prompting the collapse of the confederacy and the creation of the 13th amendment which abolished slavery and abraham lincoln sparked new birth of freedom 148 years ago today. also on this day in history, in 1930, my father was born and he called himself a connecticut yankee, the 13th generation of us to live in connecticut, the first found what became hartford, connecticut, and i lost my dad to parkinson's disease a week before thanksgiving in 2010 and today would have been his 81st birthday. these are pictures of my sister and i when we took him on the last cruise on our boat and among the most cherished legacies aside from the family is his love of beating leaves behind six kids. and i speak for all of us when i say, dad, hope you are watching from a better place, we love and miss you

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